Rising Water: The Story of the Thai Cave Rescue Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-06-01 
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" After following this story in the media for days and days last summer, it was really interesting to have all the facts and information laid out in chronological order with so many back stories. It definitely gives you an astounding realization of the miracles that happened in rescuing these boys. " said.

" This book was a fast paced and interesting look at the Thai cave rescue, focusing mostly on the rescuers and their process of how to get the soccer team out of the cave, but talked a bit too about the boys, how they got stuck, and their thoughts and feelings. This is the perfect bite sized information piece to learn about the event. " said.

" This is, in and of itself, an amazing story of survival and a world that united to save a soccer team from Thailand from an impossible flooded cave. The facts are well written and the characters are well represented. It didn't grab my attention, probably because I already knew the story. For someone who didn't know the story it might be a much more interesting read. For me, it was just rehashing the news that I followed intently during the crisis. " said.

"In 2018 when the Thai boys and their coach were trapped in a flooded cave the world watched with bated breath. This story, modified for a younger reader audience, outlines what happened over the period of time that they were missing and the daring research mission to rescue them. Through extensive interviews, news reports and stories Marc Aronson brings to life the people involved in this true life drama. It’s a fascinating read and will appeal to anyone who followed the story at the time or those interested in factual events. Colour photographs, cast of characters and comprehensive footnotes add to the strength of this book.

Suitable for 12+
" said.

"On June 23, 2018, twelve children and teenage soccer players and their coach entered the Tham Luang caves in Thailand after a practice game, where they became trapped when the caves flooded during a rainstorm. Over the next week, divers, military, scientists, and rescue workers from across the world would work together to save them. With photographs, quotes, and tension despite knowing the outcome, Aronson provides a concise version of this harrowing true story. The way the people were rescued was amazing, as was the international cooperation and scope of problems to overcome. Recommended to adventure readers and those in search of non-fiction." said.

"Aronson's writing is impeccably factual, and he is very careful to take a global, as opposed to an American-centric, view of the event. But for a variety of reasons, some related to the (understandable) rush to publish, we do not learn much about the personal, inner lives of the major players in this story. Aronson explains his reasoning behind the way he told the story and how he researched it in an afterward; it is one of the most interesting parts of the book. While I commend Aronson for the choices he made in researching and telling this story, the result is a somewhat distant-feeling account that, at times, gets bogged down in details. Still, Aronson does a good job of piecing together the chronology of the events of a story that had the world spellbound, and the final, improbably miraculous happy ending makes this an exciting read even without a lot of personal interest added. Aronson's decision to place the story in the larger context of global issues of nationalism and immigration also adds weight and interest to the book.
" said.

"On June 23, 2018 , twelve young members of the Wild Boars soccer team in Thailand, along with their assistant coach, went cave exploring. Inside the Tham Luang cave system they advanced down well worn paths heading toward adventure. Unknown to them, during the few hours they were inside, an early storm hit and flooded the entrance and several of the interior chambers. When they tried to leave, they were trapped. Stuck in a far chamber of the caves, there was no way to get through the tight spots that were now completely submerged.

No one knew they were missing until that evening, when parents began to wonder why the boys weren't back from their day trip. Soon a nation was on alert and a rescue mission began. Only, even professional Scuba divers and SEALS, could not force their way through the narrow passageways to find the team.

This is the story of the journey to rescue these boys. An International endeavour to save the team from death. It wasn't until July 2, that they were even reached, and then it was several more days until a plan to get them out could proceed. Day by Day, attempt by attempt, this real life drama unfolds.

My Thoughts-

Amazing! The author, Aronson, does an amazing job digging through information from all the rescue crews and political press releases. He produces a timeline that sheds light on who did what, when, and without bias. The story of the rescue is incredible and the real life photos and maps allow the reader to follow along and see the real people involved.

I was obsessed as I read. The rescue path seemed impossible, and as more and more rescue crews from all over the world came to the same conclusion, I was sure this book would end in tragedy. That's right. I did not know the facts in advance! This book opened it up to my mind.

As a reader I learned about the individual scuba divers and what they went through to even enter the main cave system. Next, finding where the boys were, and if they were even still alive was a whole nother task. Then, how do you get twelve boys and a coach out when there are several miles of underwater passages? This is an incredible story that is a testament to international love. It ends with the author's plea to realize that we need one another. 4 stars!
" said.

"The difficulties, tension, hope and fears of what happened at the Thai Caves comes to life along with many details and explanations of what the rescuers and boys truly faced.

The Thai Cave rescue of the boy's soccer team brought the world together as they not only followed the rescue attempts through the media, but many flew in to offer their support and real help. The background of the caves and the boys offers insight and understanding as to their original adventure, while many more explanation help the reader to understand how the accident occurred, and even more so, what trails the rescuers faced and how they overcame these.

The author's thorough and care in research shines through these pages as he hits various angles and aspects surrounding this well-known event. It begins with background information about the caves themselves, which clarifies why the team was in the caves. Then, a brief but clear summary is given of each boy as well as a more detailed explanation about the soccer team and it's coach. This part alone offered interesting insight and is sure to connect young readers with the boys. But then, with every dip into information, the author grounds the happenings into real life and makes it clear how intense the situation was—and how normal these kids were.

Young readers as well as adults will be pulled into this book, thanks not only to the information but also to the moments of well laid and real tension. While some moments read like a story, most pages come across like a newspaper/magazine article. A lot of this has to do to the speed with which it was written. The author admits to having to complete the book in a tight time crunch. Unfortunately, this shows. While the information is extremely well done and very interesting, it sometimes comes across a bit pasted together. Some areas gained quite a bit of depth in explanation, while others were mentioned and almost forgotten. The writing itself illustrated this too, as some passages contain a fairly high vocabulary, where others fall back and explain or speak down to the reader (in comparison).

Despite these problems, the book is very interesting and will pull readers in. The care in the research does come across well, and readers will learn quite a bit while staying engaged in the situation. In other words, I can recommend this to upper middle graders and tweens.

I received a complimentary copy and did enjoy reading it, while learning quite a bit on the way.
" said.

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