The Poison Jungle (Wings of Fire, Book 13) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-12 
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"This book broke my heart and not in a good way. I have a classroom and encourage elementary school readers to check out books from my personal library to help kids find books they like. I, and they, have, up until now LOVED this series and I would buy the newest edition as soon as it was released every time. Sadly, the author chose to include same sex partners in this book and I and my school decided that we will no longer be encouraging these books. I am heartbroken because I love this series and the writing style is engaging and clever, but I do not condone introducing this particular subject to children of such a young age. Kids today are being hammered about their sexuality at far to young an age and sadly this appears to be another attempt to cozy up to the minority group that is trying to force feed a specific agenda. Now, this is MY review, not anyone else's so each person has to make their own choices and this is why I made mine. Unfortunately, this author is so good at writing that once she introduces a character, she will bring them up in most of the books. So, I can't even skip this one book and go on with the series, because now the characters are cannon. I accept that others may feel different, but this series will no longer have a place in my classroom and with so much regret, I have to pass. I am NOT against people who are attracted to the same sex, but I AM against forcing children who are not emotionally, physically, or mentally ready for the topic of sexuality to be exposed before they even know who THEY are." said.

"I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did the eleventh and twelfth books, because the two things that I particularly liked about those two books (that the main characters are not violent and they take place in the hives) are not true for this one. I did enjoy this book as much though, for some reason. My favorite part was probably when they were in the village of the SapWings, and characters from previous books met the main characters, for the first time or again:Tsunami, Turtle, and Io. I didn't expect to see Io again, least of all in the Poison Jungle. I also thought that, after the epilogue in the previous book, Tsunami and Turtle had gone back to Pyrrhia. My least favorite part was when it turned out that Hawthorn had been taken over by the breath of evil, and the cure that was given to them was a fake, and a trick to get everyone under the control of the breath of evil. I was hoping that it actually was a cure. How did it heal Inchworm though (I think that was his name)? When we first met Mandrake, I thought his name was familiar, and that's because of Mangrove the RainWing. I like how we learn more of the history of Pantala, like how the continent was when the Leafwings and BeetleWings first came, and what BeetleWings were like before they were split into SilkWings and HiveWings. I also like how it explained how Queen Wasp gained control of all the HiveWings because of Hawthorn. I didn't expect the fact that Queen Sequoia was still alive. It never said she died, as far as I remember, but that's always what I thought had happened to her. I also didn't think that Belladonna was the leader of the one LeafWing village, or that there were two LeafWing villages. In the next book, I hope that if it is in the perspective of the dragons going to Pyrrhia, that at the beginning there are pictures and descriptions of both the Pantalan dragons and the Pyrrhian dragons. If it only takes place on Pantala, I hope it is in the perspective of Io, because I want to learn a bit more about her since I don't really know much yet. In the epilogue, Jerboa made it seem like it might have been her fault that animus magic was broken. Now I want to know if the secret that hides within their book is the map or the fact that Queen Wasp had been lying about what the book said. Or maybe it's both." said.

"This is now my favorite Wings of Fire book ever! (Moon Rising is a very very close second, if not tied)

Ironically, this is one of the most realistic series I have read. I'm talking about the characters. No, not their species, but the way they talk and how they act. They are just like human tweens, or whatever age they are. That being said, I love Sundew and how the others change her for the better.

So many great dragons!!! Willow and Sundew (I love their backstory), Cricket and Blue, and (this is the best one) Queen Wasp and the othermind (kidding).

Now I'm going to get into some more major spoilers, so go read the book before you read this. (I highly recommend it, as well as the rest of the series.)

For a minute, I thought that the thing inside Hawthorne was a part of Darkstalker and that he would come back and take over Pantala. (Did anyone else think that, too?) However, and this is probably the thing I liked least about this book, the author surprised me with it being a plant. But not just any plant, oh no, an evil, mind-controlling, talking plant! A little anticlimactic-sounding at the time, but when I thought about it, things had really gotten out of hand. Take, for instance, that the whole HiveWing tribe is being controlled (minus Cricket and Bumblebee).

Sundew and her friends would have a hard time going to battle against all of them. So, they ran away with the map from Clearsight, which actually made for some more character development of Sundew. So, not at all bad.

Ending with the epilogue, Jeboa II is great at handling Queen Snowfall. Also, the PANTALA DRAGONS ARE COMING TO PYRHHIA and now I feel like oh-great-the-book-ended-on-a-cliffhanger-so-now-we-have-to-wait.

Again, I can't WAIT for the next book(s) to come out, even though that means the series is one step closer to the end. Hooray for Wings of Fire and Tui T. Sutherland! I guess I'll stop talking now. (But you should still read the book)
" said.

" This series just keeps getting better! " said.

" I do not CARE what the reviews on Amazon say, this book is AMAZING. " said.

" This book was amazing!!! There were amazing descriptions and characters, as usual, and there's a big twist that is so shocking! " said.

" Fantasy with lesbian dragons is all I ever wanted. " said.

"Honestly, it wasn't as great as the other ones. I honestly preferred blue and Cricket's pov over Sundew's. For some reason, the Sundew that I am reading about doesn't seem like the Sundew I have been reading about. This Sundew felt a little bit different from the others.
Another thing is that the story felt kind of short and it felt like nothing much happened. I know that it sounds wrong but it felt like it
The humor of the characters doesn't feel that funny. It really isn't that different from Swordtail's humor or say, Peril's. Honestly, I prefer Nettle because she seems to have a defined personality that doesn't mix in with the other characters. She is actually funny and may be my favorite.
The Romance in this series is not even built up properly. For example, the whole Anenome and Tamarin which came out of nowhere, Quibli and Moon. It should have been Moon and Winter honestly. At least they were sort of built up and had some chemistry but instead, Quibli comes out of nowhere and declares his love for Moon. Then they threw Winter aside and just left him to the side (sorry I'm getting off-topic. I was a bit unhappy about the treatment of Winter.) Then there was Blue and Cricket and they were okay because they were built up okay. They weren't built up nicely but it was okay. Now there's Sundew and Willow. When they first met, you'd think Willow would be a bit apprehensive about seeing Sundew after learning that she was a poison wing but I guess it works out. The romance between them is okay but isn't as developed (?)

(view spoiler)" said.

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