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şu an fragmanı açıp aa- şurası ilk tanışma, şurası Will'in doğum günü, şurası face-time sahneleri, şurası ilk buluşma falan diye diye manyak gibi izliyorum...

fragmanı görüp, bu kesin kitaptır dediğim kitap oluyor kendisi.. ve EVET HERKESİN MERAK ETTİĞİ ŞEY SONUNUN NASIL BİTTİĞİ
evet. bu durumda ne söylesem spoiler oluyor ama şunu bi açıklığa kavuşturmak lazım... Aynı Yıldızın Altında'yla zerre alakası yok. Bi' film daha vardı Bella Thorne'un oynadığı... onunla da alakası yoktur -izlemedim- eminim. Bu hikayeyi ithaf ettikleri Claire ve tüm CF hastaları falan... hikaye de biraz gerçeklik payının da olması...
güzeldi ya.
ilk defa bir kitabın filmini seveceğimi düşünüyorum. çünkü aynı şekilde işlediklerine, çektiklerine, sahneleri değiştirmediklerine inanıyorum.

kitap Türkçe'ye çevrildikten sonra ben eminim ki çoğu kişi sevmeyecek ve filmin fragmanının altına atılan Aynı Yıldızın Altında benzetmelerini onlar da yapacak.
ama üzgünüm. benzemiyor.

ana konu bir hastalığı işliyor diye ön yargıyla yaklaşılması canımı sıkıyor.
ben bu hikayeyi, Stella'yı ve Will'i cidden çok sevdim.
birbirlerini sevme aşamasının fazla hızlı olduğu gibi bir düşünce geçti aklımdan kitabı okurken... sonra durup düşündüğümde, kendimi onların yerine koyduğumda falan
olabilecek, kaçınılmaz bir olay yani bu. Hızlısı, yavaşı yok. İkisi de hastaneye bağımlı. Stella 6 yaşından beri o hastanede, Will onlarca hastane değiştirmiş...
ilk karşılaşmalarında Will, Stella'nın hastanesine bir haftadır gelmiş oluyor. 1 haftadır orada yani,
yanlış anlaşılmayla başlayıp, tam sevdiğim şekilde biten bir roman oldu.

ben böyle sonlara bayılıyorum ya. (sonunun nasıl olduğunu söylememek için ellerini yumruk yapıyor...)

Will ve Stella..
ikisi de aynı hastalığı, CF'i paylaşıyor. ama Will'in B. cepacia adında bir bakteri kapmasından dolayı ikisinin asla yan yana gelmemesi gerek. Yani şöyle...
Will, Stella için ölümcül.

her şeyi anlatmak isterdim ama içimde yaşicam... biriniz okuyun gelin de five feet apart storming falan yapalım.

bu arada hikayeyle isim de cuk diye oturmuş. iyi oturtmuşlar. ehhe.
puan kırmaya gerek yok.

(view spoiler)

I yank open the door and there she is. Live.
She holds the pool cue out, the tip of it touching my chest, her full eyebrows rising in challenge. “Five feet apart. Deal?”
Exhaling, I shake my head, her speech from the video already making me want to close the space between us and kiss her. “That’s going to be hard for me, I’m not gonna lie.”
She looks at me, her eyes intent. “Just tell me, Will. Are you in?”
I don’t even hesitate. “So in.”





I give her a look, watching as the snow falls gently onto her hair and face. “Was this on your to-do list? Break out with Will?”
She laughs, the sound happy, real, despite everything. “No. But my to-do list has changed.”
She spreads her arms wide and falls back onto the hill, the snow giving way around her, puffing softly as she lands in it. I watch as she makes a snow angel, laughing as her arms and legs move back and forth, back and forth. No to-do list, no suffocating hospital, no obsessive regimen, no one else to worry about.
She’s just Stella.
I spread my arms and fall down next to her, the snow molding to my body as I land. I laugh, making a snow angel too, my whole body cold from the snow, but warm from the moment.
We stop and look up at the sky. The stars seem an arm’s length away. Bright enough and close enough for us to just reach out and grab them.

(hide spoiler)]" said.

"First of all, WHAT A GORGEOUS COVER!!

Five Feet Apart was an amazing read. The story is about two teenage main characters, Stella and Will who are both patients in the hospital with Cystic Fibrosis that fall in love. This story really touched my heart. It was endearing. This book was well-written and it's a very emotional story.

I fell in love with female main character, Stella. Her character is likeable and she's very sweet. Stella has always taken control of her disease. Her family hoped for a transplant. It won't save her live but Stella will have more time if she do the transplant but in order to get a transplant, Stella needs to protect herself from any infections or viruses. She needs to stay six feet apart from people with CF.

Will has been in and out from different hospitals. He seemed so tired of it. Will just want to walk away from everything but he's waiting until his 18th birthday to do that.

Stella can't stand when anyone want to throw their shot of survival. It makes her angry and sad. And Will doesn't like how controlling Stella is.

Their friendship had turned to something more intense. They want to do a lot of things together but of course there are more obstacles that they can't handle. How are they going to handle that with their current conditions?

Another character in this book that I liked is Poe. I liked his sarcasm and humor. His friendship with Stella is what I'm dying for.

The plot is interesting and it has a steady-paced. It's a little bit cliche on the romance part but I learned so much about scientific terms and most importantly about CF. I even googled each terms that I didn't understand.

Overall, the story is light and easy. And sad. Highly recommended!

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Pansing for sending me a copy of Five Feet Apart in exchange for my honest review. It is now available at all good bookstores!
" said.

"This book, OMG, it wrecked me, it tore my heart into pieces, then put them back together. I cried a lot while reading this book. But the most beautiful thing is that after the first few chapters, I didn’t think I would love “Five Feet Apart” this much. However, after reading the final page, it turned out that I did, a lot. And if you ever watched the trailer of the movie with the same name (watch the teaser trailer here: The first trailer can be seen here:, starring our beloved Cole Sprouse (oh how I miss “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”), you will certainly recognize the story. This book is the novelization of the movie script written by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis. So yeah, I would say the movie is the source material. And if the novelized version of that movie is THIS AMAZING, imagine how wonderful the movie can be!!!!

The story in “Five Feet Apart” is about two teenagers – Stella Grant and Will Newman – who have cystic fibrosis (CF) - a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs. This means that they can easily get B. cepacia - a kind of bacteria that would cause a lot of damage to their already weak lungs. So people with CF (CFers) like Will and Stella have to avoid human contact – the thing that can increase their risk of contracting B. cepacia and other dangerous bacteria - at all cost. But then, they fall in love with each other. You get the picture, right?

But this book is SO SO SO MUCH MORE than just a teenage love story. What amazes me is that the author didn’t try to put one and one to make two; she didn’t try to force her two main characters to fall in love at first sight, and then created a soppy sappy love story from the situation of their health condition. On the contrary, Stella’s first impression about Will isn’t that great. And neither was mine. I really didn’t warm to Will at first. Will, at first, to me, seems like a spoiled, ungrateful brat who doesn’t appreciate the fact that he has a rich mother that wants him to live, and doesn’t lack money to provide for his care at the hospital. What's more that you want, Will? You have a condition that could potentially end your life someday, and luckily your mother has lots of money on her own (without the need for her ex-husband; Will’s father ran away after knowing that his son had a serious health condition), enough to put you in a trial for a new CF medicine.

But the more I read, the more I felt connected to Will in some ways, mainly because his personality, his bold and daring personality that feel very opposite to mine. He wants more from the life that is already potentially cut short; he wants to actually LIVE, rather than just spending day by day inside hospitals after hospitals, going to many places, many cities WITHOUT actually VISIT them. He wants to have control over his life, he longs for the day till he is 18 to finally escape from the control that his mother has on his healthcare decisions. And that wish, to me, is fair. Because we have to look at Will’s life in his perspective, his dimension – the dimension of a CFer, who refuses to be branded as and treated like a problem to be dealt with. No one experiences a disease, a health condition, in the same way as others.

And then we have Poe – Stella’s best gay friend at the hospital. Poe, the son of Colombian parents who were deported back to their country where they’re from, leaving him to fight CF alone with less money than needed. Poe, in contrast to Will, wants time to slow down, so he can remain a teenager as long as he can, so that he will continue to receive affordable care provided to teenagers, not adults. And there you (and Will) have another perspective of a patient to think about, to see the diverse angles of life and humanity in the time of sickness and dangerous health condition.

And finally we have Stella, the beautiful both-inside-and-out girl, who is a control freak, who tries to organize her life inside the hospital as much as she can, and keep on fighting to live. She is the one who encourages Will to maintain his treatment, who breathes the will to live into a boy who wants to leave all to the hand of Gods and just do what he wants to do during the little time he think he has left. And the more I read about Stella, the more I realize she isn’t what she let others to know about her. There is this wound inside Stella, this reason for her to keep on fighting and fighting for her life. (view spoiler)" said.

"I don’t normally read things like this book because I’m not really into the angst, but I’m so so happy I gave this one a try.

I love love loved Stella and Will. They’re so different in their personalities and that comes through in how they manage their CF. I loved her lists and sass and his art and stubbornness. Of course they’re adorable together and I don’t think I’ve ever been so invested so quickly.

Plot wise, it was captivating. I was instantly interested in what was happening. The medical part wasn’t too medical-y for me to follow and even though I knew it wasn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows, it felt fairly light. I have two main complaints: I definitely wanted more from the ending {even if it was sort of satisfying} and (view spoiler)" said.

"Just a money-making machine. There`s no real ending, since, I guess, the authors were too afraid to make it tragic. And as a whole, this book is just a bunch of clichés and sweet, tumblr level moments to make teens happy and teary. Nothing even close to TFIOS. (view spoiler)" said.

"Bullet review: I think I would have enjoyed it better if I had physically read this (I read it via audiobook and the narrator's voice didn't convey the emotion of the dialogue), writing was not my favourite type, I loved the character development, the romance, the insight to cystic fibrosis, and now I'm super hyped for the movie!

Full review: I don't normally read romance contemporaries unless they're highly, HIGHLY recommended, or in this case, about to become a movie.
And still I'm dubious about them. I wanted to read this ever since I watched the trailer for the movie but I wasn't going to go out of my way to read it. But then I got a free audiobook trial and it was recommended, so I dug in.
I listened to this in two goes. Have you ever tried to withhold a sob in your throat while washing up the dishes and yelling at people to stop talking? Not an experience I have everyday, but it has happened to me once before...

I will say though, I was going to DNF this after a few chapters... I hated the characters, especially Will. But wow they really grew on me. They changed so dramatically too.
Also, the writing was a bit corny but nice and easy. I loved how quick it was but also hate how quick it was because I'm left without it sooner.

I screamed, cried, and squealed at the ending. It was so heartwrenching. (view spoiler)" said.

"I received an advanced reader edition of this title from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

3 1/2 stars.
I absolutely love love stories between teens with a terminal illness. It always makes for a heartbreaking story, and room for more education into these illnesses, more novels between teens that aren't of perfect health make for a more diverse romance selection, especially considering these books tend to be super successful with its target teen audience. (And, even before this book is released it's already a movie. Clearly, there's a demand).
We know that Stella and WIll are doomed from the start, not even able to touch eachother, and that's what makes this book so bittersweet from start to finish. The question is not if they'll make it, but how will it end? This is what keeps you reading, plus the utter cuteness that is their relationship. This was a romance I actually enjoyed.
I think there were a lot of moments where I felt this book could have been ended, but now I'll say that I'm happy with the final words of the book. The last few chapters of the book are heartbreaking, as expected, but also pretty hopeful in nature. I liked this mix, I like not knowing what'll happen next, knowing that in some way this can't end well, but we never see explicitly how terribly this will end, I think that was executed very well and although it doesn't make me cry, this book had just the right amount of heartbreak and yet not too much, I think it benefited the story overall.
Will is an interesting character, I really liked the character development in this book. At first he seems like a douchebag, but as we get to know him, he becomes a more complex character with a soft interior.
And Stella, who's established from the start as a control freak and a goody-goody, learns what it feels like to truly live and not buy borrowed time before she dies. Both these characters learn from each other and arguably come out better people after their experiences together.
One of my biggest critiques of this book is that it's an easy read, it wasn't very intricate and it didn't take very long to read due to it's simplicity. Maybe this is just me speaking from reading The Fault In Our Stars (a book EXTREMELY complex, which, to the fair, is criticized for), but it seems as though the romance between two sick kids should automatically be more complex than this story was. This is just me, however, and I'm open to others critiquing me about this.
The moral of the story is that I'll be watching this movie. Duh.
" said.

"4.5 Stars!

Taking a chance on an author and a subject that you know little to nothing about, is always a risk and in some cases, its a chance, a risk, worth taking.

As is the case with Five Feet Apart. Beautifully written, heartfelt, emotional, and a read that will stick with you until the very end, Five Feet Apart is a novel that grabs you around the heart and refuses to let go.

So wonderfully told and executed it's a book that I won't be forgetting for a long time to come.

Poignant, emotional, informational, and an all around amazingly done story, Five Feet Apart is one you don't want to miss out on.

*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*
" said.

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