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UPDATE TIME: 2019-04-12 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 122 user ratings

"Bullet review: I think I would have enjoyed it better if I had physically read this (I read it via audiobook and the narrator's voice didn't convey the emotion of the dialogue), writing was not my favourite type, I loved the character development, the romance, the insight to cystic fibrosis, and now I'm super hyped for the movie!

Full review: I don't normally read romance contemporaries unless they're highly, HIGHLY recommended, or in this case, about to become a movie.
And still I'm dubious about them. I wanted to read this ever since I watched the trailer for the movie but I wasn't going to go out of my way to read it. But then I got a free audiobook trial and it was recommended, so I dug in.
I listened to this in two goes. Have you ever tried to withhold a sob in your throat while washing up the dishes and yelling at people to stop talking? Not an experience I have everyday, but it has happened to me once before...

I will say though, I was going to DNF this after a few chapters... I hated the characters, especially Will. But wow they really grew on me. They changed so dramatically too.
Also, the writing was a bit corny but nice and easy. I loved how quick it was but also hate how quick it was because I'm left without it sooner.

I screamed, cried, and squealed at the ending. It was so heartwrenching. (view spoiler)" said.

" 2/5Se lee rápido y llega a emocionar (está escrito con el único objetivo de que llores) Ahora...-Es una copia de Bajo la misma estrella-Se ROMANTIZA la Fibrosis Quistica y eso es espantoso-Instalove descarado y de libro-Drama y más drama innecesario No ha sido una basura, se deja leer pero... Cuidado con este tipo de libros, el mensaje es peligroso.-Wordpress: https://suenosentreletras.wordpress.c...-Blogger: " said.

"4.5 Stars!

Taking a chance on an author and a subject that you know little to nothing about, is always a risk and in some cases, its a chance, a risk, worth taking.

As is the case with Five Feet Apart. Beautifully written, heartfelt, emotional, and a read that will stick with you until the very end, Five Feet Apart is a novel that grabs you around the heart and refuses to let go.

So wonderfully told and executed it's a book that I won't be forgetting for a long time to come.

Poignant, emotional, informational, and an all around amazingly done story, Five Feet Apart is one you don't want to miss out on.

*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*
" said.

"This is a novelization of Mikki Daughtry & Tobias Iaconis’s script for the 2019 movie and not the other way around.

As a contemporary YA story, Five Feet Apart does a couple of my least favourite things when it comes to representing chronic illness and including LGBT characters (view spoiler)" said.

"I’m sorry, but did someone put a spell on me and made my heart into a stone while reading this book because it’s incapable of feeling any emotions aside from exasperation?

It's such a bummer that this book has one of the prettiest covers I've ever seen, yet it has the MOST CRAPPY AND CLICHÉ PLOT ever! Don't even get me started with these bidimensional characters (they're more bland than water, trust me). I could go on for days ranting about the things that went wrong in this book but it's such a waste of my time. However, I should mention the insta-love between Will and Stella (which is also probably the root cause of all the wrong things in this book). They probably knew each other for what...a couple of weeks??? Barely knew each other's favourite food yet somehow, they decided they fucking love each other sooooooooo freaking much that Stella was literally willing to die and forgo the life she could get just for this couple-of-weeks feeling that they called love. Which I think tbh is just called plain stupidity and not love. And this whole idea of five feet apart, which is also the title of this book, will make you cry because again, it's plain stupidity.

Let's just hope this is one of the rare instances where the movie is better than the book.
" said.

"Here's a link to the trailer! ♡

“Every place is different. Every place is unique. It’s the hospitals I’m seeing them from that are the same.”

As a whole, this novel doesn’t suffer from any critical faults. It’s a solid story, with a sweet romance, and brings about great awareness for CF. With that being said, I was unable to connect any strong feelings or emotions with the characters, and felt that they lack depth. Perhaps it’s because I can’t help but compare every contemporary about teens with terminal illnesses to The Fault in Our Stars. Although that novel stands on a pedestal of its own as far as emotional depth is concerned, I craved more complexity from Five Feet Apart. Nevertheless, it is still an enjoyable read, and I’m sure there are many readers who will adore it!

The idea of the romance is breathtaking … pun intended. Two teens who are in love, but are unable to physically touch one another is such a great concept. The longing for something that is so close yet so far, is invigorating, and pulled my heart strings! This idea is so damn beautiful, and wonderfully illustrated between Stella and Will. How they show their affection through non-physical means makes for such a unique relationship, and I devoured it. The banter between them, as well as that which arises among other characters, is quite sweet and never fails to lighten the mood. The only complaint I have regarding the romance is that it’s fast. The whole novel takes place in less than two weeks, and I find it a tad unrealistic that these two fell in love in such a short period of time. I also admired how the author incorporated the two teens’ parents into the story. While their characters might’ve been flawed at the start, watching them leap over hurdles of grief and misunderstandings to form deeper bonds with their children, is absolutely lovely – even if it was vague, and not explored as much as it could’ve been.

I believe this story will flow better in movie format. The simplicity of this book truly was unfortunate, since I love the idea of the plot and characters. It’s a short narrative to begin with, and it’s a shame that everything merely happened. There wasn’t sufficient time for grand developments to unfold, and I felt as though each event in the story began and finished only to be checked off like an item from one of Stella’s to-do lists. I’m quite excited to see how this story is adaptated next year, because I think that could solve a few of the issues I had with the pacing and overall flow of the narrative.

It’s no Fault in Our Stars, but is still quite adorable. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one, and love all the little aspects that composed it. I wished for a bit more complexity and emotional depth from the main and side characters, but still found that they had nice enough arcs. The trailer for the movie adaptation looks absolutely amazing by the way, and I love the actors – Cole Sprouse is playing Will Newman! If you’re looking for a quick, sweet read, then I would definitely recommend this one!

I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review!

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" 2 / 5 ~

I’m convinced this was written for children but advertised as Young Adult because it would make more profit or something (or maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about?), because the writing in Five Feet Apart is not good. There are too many exclamation marks, the story feels awkward, nothing flows, which are only a few reasons why I couldn’t finish this.

From the start, I had this sneaking suspicion I wasn’t going to like this. After all, a good friend of mine read this and said: “It was an okay read? I don’t know what else to say about it.” Not exactly the best way to describe a book — but I was still open to giving it a shot, given a movie is coming out; I figured it must be somewhat good if Hollywood wanted to adapt the story into film …

Nope. It’s not.

And maybe to others Five Feet Apart will be super cute, but everything felt so young to me. It felt like there was instant-love going on, the characters were all cliché, I didn’t like the main character or the romantic interest, the story was eh, and I was literally so irritated with all the exclamation marks everywhere. No one talks so animated all the time! Why didn’t anyone have their own personality!

I’m clearly ranting right now, but in my defense, this book put me into a reading slump and now I don’t know what to read. Regardless, even though I didn’t like this, I would still recommend it to younger teens (13-17), because they might relate. But anyone older than that might find this too underdeveloped to read.
" said.

"Pues ha sido una lectura que me ha gustado mucho.
Al principio pensé en no leerla. Aún recuerdo el dolor que me hizo sentir Bajo la misma estrella y me negaba a sufrir de nuevo con una historia donde los dos protagonistas estuvieran enfermos. Pero es que soy débil y al ver el tráiler de la película, caí en la red (Estoy sufriendo porque seguramente la película no llegue a España cuando están vendiendo el libro como si fuera a llegar...).
En fin, lo que nos incumbe. En esta historia los protagonistas sufren fibrosis quística, una enfermedad de la que sabía su existencia, pero sinceramente no sabía hasta que nivel llegaba a afectar a las personas que la sufren, y gracias a esta historia todo eso ha quedado bien representado, explicado y visibilizado.
Un punto muy fuerte de esta historia son los personajes. Tanto Will como Stella me han conquistado y ver como dos personas con la misma enfermedad piensan tan diferente es maravilloso. Y como se van enamorando mientras se van conociendo y ver que no pueden tocarse ni estar a menos de dos metros de distancia es algo muy frustante que me ha hecho sufrir bastante toda la novela.
Me ha gustado no encontrarme un TFIOS 2.0 y que hayan sido capaces de sorprenderme como lectora. Hay drama, sí. No deja de ser un libro con personajes con una enfermedad terminal, pero no sé, a pesar de haber sufrido en ciertos momentos, creo que también es un libro esperanzador y lleno de momentos que te remueven por dentro.
Un dato curioso y que no muchos saben es que este libro no es un libro que salió como tal de la idea de la autora, sino que la autora adaptó el guión de la película a libro, así que si veis la película, veréis que son muy fieles por eso, porque en sí primero fue el guión de la película y después el libro.
Si os apetece leer un libro contemporáneo, que se lea rápido, entretenido pero que a la vez os remueva por dentro, tenéis que darle una oportunidad a esta historia.
" said.

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