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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-16
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Latest Reviews: There were many things in this book that were never addressed in my high school or even college U.S. History classes. I think more LGBTQ history texts are definitely needed. Like a few others mentioned in their reviews, the activities didn't seem to match the target age ......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Teens are more aware of sexuality and identity than ever, and they’re looking for answers and insights, as well as a community of others. In order to help create that community, YA authors David Levithan and Billy Merrell have collected original poems, essays, and stories by young adults in th......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:An actor, a teacher, a doctor, a police officer, and eight others reflect the vitality and rich diversity of the lesbian and gay community in "Outspoken". All talk frankly about themselves and their careers, about coming out, and about leading a fulfilling life within and beyond the gay community.[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Congratulations, fellow lesbo! You have just been invited to join the award-winning nationally acclaimed theater troupe as they move from the stage to the page. With all their wit intact, they declare, "you can use this book to make you laugh, to make your friends cry, to upset your parents, to educ......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Sách hay cho thanh thiếu niên, và cả người lớn. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: This book is extraordinary. I have never been one for short stories, but the way that these were put together, it had a wonderful flow. The Full Spectrum made my heart race, and sink, it made me want to cry, laugh, ache and yell. I don't know who couldn't learn something......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: I really enjoyed this! It was an easy, quick read, but the writing didn't suffer for that. It was my kind of dark fairy tales (not that dark, but not happy, fluffy unicorns), with feminist subversion that was so great to see! I would highly recommend this for those who a......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Not as cohesive as I would have liked to be keep my interest OR it needed more narrative to help me through each chapter to understand fully the piece and its intent. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: I absolutely love this book! I read it at a time where I was reading all these re-told fairy tales, but none of them were told quite like this. After I read it I couldn't get enough of Emma Donoghue, and she's become one of my favorite authors. [Read More]
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Book Introduction:A Culturally Proficient Response to LGBT Communities is a guide for educators to collaboratively combat issues of discrimination, inequity, and bullying through the review of current policies, practices, and deeply held assumptions about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered (LGBT) communities. This......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Let’s Get This Straight reaches out to young people with one or more gay, lesbian, bi, or trans parents to provide them with the tools to combat homophobia, take pride in their alternative family structures, and speak out against injustice. This short but thorough book profiles forty-five dive......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Heartbroken following the breakdown of a long term relationship, crime writer Beth Augustine heads for the peace and tranquility of the idyllic town of St Ives in Cornwall, England. Desperate for much needed sleep she instead finds herself captivated by the youthful, exhuberant and challenging Fait......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Okay so... I have cried reading the books in this triology. I have recognised myself and seen my own story in it and i have a huge crush on Kyle. I wish i have known about the books earlier. [Read More]
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Book Introduction:A book about a young child with two mothers. Tells the story of this lesbian-run family and what makes them special. A great book to read to small children to promote pride in having a unique and loving family.[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Gay men and lesbians from all walks of life describe their personal experiences, travails, and triumphs.[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Provides young readers with a close-up look at the issues confronting homosexuals in America today and examines the struggle of lesbians and gay men to protect their rights--including the right to serve in the armed forces.[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Lesbians and Gays and Sports (Issues in Gay[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: library? under a different title, same author [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: This could have been an interesting look at how Christianity and being gay can go together - or not. However, the book ultimately was too overtly preachy, but with flawed logic. The narrator acted very unkindly toward her friend, which doesn't do much in the way of portr......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: I read about half of this a decade ago, moved, and never got back to it. It's quite good but it was written in 1996 - I think a few little things might have happened with civil rights since then... [Read More]

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