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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-16
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Latest Reviews: **Interview with my 6 & 7 year old**Me: What did you think of this book?7: Awesome sauce dilly dawse6: Super DooperMe: What was your favourite bit?7: When the crocodile was just standing on the green.6: When he had a break to eat some fruit.Me: Why?7: Mmm. Because he......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Love it! [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: To coexist with animals and nature, man needs to learn with every creature! [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Well done by Judy Sierra and interesting Cinderella version. I appreciated the notes at the end explaining the origin of this particular tale and the elements of the Cinderella folklore motifs that were included. Will make another good tale in the Cinderella comparison l......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: A re-release of the 1956 children's story from the French graphic designer and illustrator André François that tells how to catch a crocodile by going to Egypt. Good, clever fun. Great design and packaging. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Stop! Freeze - right where you are! Now see this book? Now see your empty hands? This books needs to be in your hands pronto, with your kiddos gathered around, because the 10 to 15 minutes it takes to read this will be positively delightful! You'll thank me, way before y......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Solid book about a realistic day in the life of a crocodile, with appealing illustrations; would be appropriate to read aloud with older preschool-younger elementary kids. Somewhat awkward in that each passage begins with "Imagine you are a crocodile" but then refers to ......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: I really enjoyed some aspects of this book (the setting and era, the humorous cast of characters, the sensitivity ultimately shown by the family) but some I did not like so much--the ending made me a bit sad and uncomfortable (view spoiler)[I think the crocodile is suppo......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Princess Cora is tired of boring lessons, jumping rope and taking three baths a day. When she writes to her fairy godmother for help, help comes in the form of a misbehaving crocodile who wreaks havoc in the castle while Cora enjoys a delightful outdoor adventure. Review......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: I registered a book at! [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Summary/Personal Response: A story of a heroine, clever girl who solves the issue that a group of men in he city, catching that crocodile! This is a historical story of a loose crocodile and a bunch of men who just don't make the cut. The story originated in another coun......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Love Verna Aardema! This one makes a great read-aloud- the traditional tale is told in an engaging and entertaining way. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Great pictures. Pretty funny. The Crocodile has got a great personality. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Fun seek and find book series that shows you how animals camouflage themselves. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Mommy says: A classic Philippine folk tale about a clever boy who outsmarts a hungry crocoldile with the help of a clever monkey. Includes a good lesson about gratitude. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: This marvelous book combines a fun story with an introduction to some of the schools of art: Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Abtractionism, and Dada. Though some of these schools wouldn't have been my first choice to introduce to students, the book is still fun in how i......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: A humorous friendship/family story with incredible line drawings! [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Genre: Historical Fiction/Modern FantasyGrade Level: 3-4This book was different than a lot of children's books that I've read. It is based on true events and takes place in a very different time period. It evoked some emotion, as reading about the crocodiles capture was ......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:From Caldecott-winning illustrator David Small and bestselling author Bonny Becker, an unforgettable Christmas story that will leave the whole family giggling.When Alice Jayne finds a crocodile under the tree on Christmas Eve, her family goes into an uproar! The Christmas Crocodile doesn’t me......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: WOW! What an unusual Christmas story!I liked this unusual story and the illustrations but the print size could have been a bit bigger making it easier on the reader's eyes, don't you think so too. But because I thought was quite unique this is why I chose to rate this as......[Read More]

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