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UPDATE TIME: 2019-05-25
  ISNB:B01C2P7EAO  Language:English
Book Introduction:A great computer adventure story for middle grade boys and girls who love gaming, especially Minecraft..Ryan James is crazy about computer games and obsessed with Minecraft. Sometimes he really wishes he could live in a world like Minecraft instead of with his boring family who do boring things like......[Read More]
  ISNB:1432902652  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Well, when I put this on hold at the library I was expecting it to be a bit bigger. Oh well. Anyway, though this was short it did have some really good information and it has made me want to read more about the history of the games. [Read More]
  ISNB:0061577766  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Story wise, the book was just so-so. What I did think was great about the book is how the illustrator integrates Chinese characters into the illustrations in a way that makes the characters understandable. I found that once I had read the book I could identify some of th......[Read More]
  ISNB:B00YO9T4BY  Language:English
Book Introduction:A TIME MACHINE IN THE HANDS OF A 12 YEAR OLD! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Get ready for twists, turns and a few almost disastrous. . . ***Carly's beloved Grampa dies suddenly under extremely bizarre circumstances. But, even more biz......[Read More]
  ISNB:B002C1A2BM  Language:English
Book Introduction:Wanda had always read about adventure. Now she was in the middle of one. The World of Fairies is real, and she is their new Crystal Keeper, human caretaker to the World of Fairies. But the Fairy World is in trouble. The fairies are falling ill from the pollution that ravages the world above. Wanda h......[Read More]
  ISNB:B01IJCKBKY  Language:English
Book Introduction:Pokémon GO - The Ultimate Guide Book (UPDATED - LATEST VERSION) - You NEED the Ultimate Unofficial Guide to go further!For the absolute beginner to those wanting some advanced techniques - learn, in simple steps, how to play the most talked about, fun games of this century! Learn secrets, hints......[Read More]
  ISNB:1484781007  Language:English
Latest Reviews: I'm not crying... YOU are crying.I knew what was going to happen yet the tears still hit. Stupid amazing heartfelt story making me test my waterproof mascara... [Read More]
  ISNB:0736401253  Language:English
Latest Reviews: This is a storybook adaptation of the Disney movie, so it follows that script well. [Read More]
  ISNB:1626721270  Language:English
Latest Reviews: A great story about being nerdy and feeling the odd-one out. However, there are way more nerdy birdies than "cool" ones, so nerds can find their friends. It's a story of acceptance and then extending that acceptance to others who are different in other ways. ......[Read More]
  ISNB:059084783X  Language:English
Latest Reviews: All the Poppleton books are wonderful. There are around 10 in the series. Poppleton is a pig who wears a suit and an English Bowler Hat. He has the goofiest humanized animal friends, Like Cherry Sue the Llama who wears red lipstick! They have the cutest adventures doing ......[Read More]
  ISNB:1450709524  Language:English
Book Introduction:Millions watch major-league baseball games at the ballparks or on TV. Others listen to games on the radio. Youths play the game in parks and schoolyards, getting great exercise, working on their skills, and attending practices to learn more about a fantastic and fun team sport.Whether you recently s......[Read More]
  ISNB:0375850872  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Why wasn't this author around when I was a kid? Goodness some people get all the luck. Review later. [Read More]
  ISNB:0804844275  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Amazing! This book is filled with info, from an introduction to Thai culture, a bit of history, songs (with music!), crafts, recipes, games.....I love it! [Read More]
  ISNB:4805314400  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Fantastic book I picked up on the fly at the local library. It was full of information, songs, recipes, art activities and more. I even learned a couple new things I didn't know about Japan and all this makes a winner in my book! [Read More]
  ISNB:B075MNKW7Z  Language:English
Book Introduction:Love MINECRAFT? **Over 28,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!An unexpected RACE for treasure! - EXTRA EPICAfter leaving the weird skeleton, the stinky zombie,......[Read More]
  ISNB:B01M1DT7LZ  Language:English
Book Introduction:All About Thailand is a new Thai book for kids ages 8 to 12 which brings you on an incredible journey to exotic Thailand. Thailand is a place where a modern culture thrives in one of the world's most ancient countries. Your guides in this adventure are two Thai children: Mali is a 9-year-old girl fr......[Read More]
  ISNB:B013USPGE8  Language:English
Book Introduction:This Unofficial Minecraft Book is 5,000 Words with 16 Pictures (Custom Crafted Scenes to Accompany the Story)Read this Minecraft book FREE as part of your Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited membershipCheck out the Final Part of Minecraft Steve's Adventure.Warning: This Book is Scary. It Involves Ghost......[Read More]
  ISNB:B00ER800QK  Language:English
Book Introduction:**2012 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award Winner!**A cultural adventure for kids, All About Japan offers a journey to a new place—and ways to bring it to life! Dive into stories, play some games from Japan, learn some Japanese songs.Two friends, a boy from the country and a girl f......[Read More]
  ISNB:B01HCK3OPS  Language:English
Book Introduction:Love MINECRAFT? **Over 12,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!Dakota was a young wolf, happy with his life in a wolf pack in the taiga forest where he was born......[Read More]
  ISNB:B01HCFLYZU  Language:English
Book Introduction:Love MINECRAFT? **Over 12,000 words of kid-friendly fun!** WITH PICTURESThis high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!When you think of the rare 'Chicken Jockey', have you ever heard the chicken's stor......[Read More]

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