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UPDATE TIME: 2019-10-15
  ISNB:1908714301  Language:English
Latest Reviews: An incredibly important and detailed account of various endangered animals in their native habitat with fantastically colored illustrations and few words. [Read More]
  ISNB:163322046X  Language:English
Latest Reviews: What a great book. Children love activity books and I know my little granddaughter is going to love this. I see plenty of fun coming for the both of us as we punch out and assemble these 3-D dinos.disclaimer: this was a goodreads giveaway [Read More]
  ISNB:1416971238  Language:English
Latest Reviews:I thought the text was entertaining both in subject matter and it the simple rhyme scheme. The animals are ones that kids will be interested in. The style of the illustrations, and indeed, the entire book design is very attractive- the colors are harmonious, the shapes are bold but are offset by the......[Read More]
  ISNB:1584768096  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Cute animals hiding in their habitats. Printed on 98% recycled materials using eco-friendly inks. The last two pages teach about endangered animals and how one can help protect them. Perhaps the book will help inspire some young ecologists. Ages 3-6: I feel that at 3 you......[Read More]
  ISNB:0486403343  Language:English
Book Introduction:This fact-filled little book invites you to meet some of the fascinating creatures that live in the forest. Each easy-to-read page describes one of the 12 different woodland animals, among them the gray wolf, deer, black bear, moose, muskrat, porcupine, lynx, and five more. There's also a numbered s......[Read More]
  ISNB:0486405583  Language:English
Book Introduction:What deep-sea creature has eight arms but no feet? Which playful birds can't fly but are excellent swimmers? Children will find out in this informative coloring book featuring simple portraits of 30 different marine animals. The pictures are accompanied by easy-to-read captions that will introduce k......[Read More]
  ISNB:0385755465  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Folktale and fact come together in this book about World War tragedies for humans and animals in the Ukraine. If you insist on happy endings, you'll have to look pretty hard, but the historical reality is important. [Read More]
  ISNB:0778718999  Language: English
Book Introduction:FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Introduces the anatomy, behavior, and life cycle of the eight species of sea turrles, and discusses the reasons they are endangered and conservation efforts. --This text refers to the Library Binding edition.[Read More]
  ISNB:B01FGC7I4M  Language:English
Book Introduction:The Thea Sisters are off to Madagascar for Adventure Camp, a wilderness survival competition! The five friends love exploring and learning about the many plants and animals that live there. But then they discover that they're not alone in the nature preserve -- and endangered animals are under threa......[Read More]
  ISNB:1598452347  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Seems like nothing is more fascinating to a second grader than crocodiles and other semi-monsters. Usually, kids wonder about the difference between alligators and crocodiles. This book, part of the “Which Animal is Which?” series, gives definitive answers for that diffe......[Read More]
  ISNB:B00WMXDBY0  Language:English
Book Introduction:Upon waking on the morning of her tenth birthday, Moxie Wyoming Woodson embarks on a summer of magic, mayhem and adventure. With rodeo champion Granny Rose as her inspiration, Moxie’s birthday dreams kick up visions of a fine young horse that will also help her take on the more grown-up chore......[Read More]
  ISNB:0064462064  Language:English
Latest Reviews: NF Book with great pictures and information regarding all types of baby animals. One of my favourite authors. [Read More]
  ISNB:1846667747  Language:English
Book Introduction:Learn how to draw 101 different sea animals, including dolphins, whales, seahorses and more!It's easy! Follow the simple step-by-step drawings and you will soon be amazing all your friends with your new-found artists' skills!This 48-page book from Top That Publishing contains step-by-step line drawi......[Read More]
  ISNB:1598452398  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Great nonfiction series for elementary. [Read More]
  ISNB:0670854093  Language:English
Latest Reviews: I LOVE Marilee Heyer's artwork. This one doesn't show her off as much as The Forbidden Door, but it's still great. And the story is pretty much just a good ol' fairy tale, very much in line with something you'd read in an Andrew Lang collection. [Read More]
  ISNB:B01799880S  Language:English
Book Introduction:This exciting picture book introduces your child to a few different wild animals, by taking them on a fun filled field trip, to the zoo. This unique book is very educational, and packed full of pictures, captions, and wild humor. I hope you and your little one enjoy it. Please take a moment to le......[Read More]
  ISNB:1426320663  Language:English
Latest Reviews: A great introduction to the principles and practices of photography. Clear explanations and lots of examples of what helps to make a good picture. A useful guide for amateur photographers of all ages - not just kids! [Read More]
  ISNB:1550376543  Language:English
Latest Reviews:3.5 stars for adult me, 4 for my inner child.I especially appreciated all the 'inspirational' cues: "What do *you* think?" "I don't know either, but here are some possible answers others have said." "Ask your librarian for more books about it." The bibliography is weak and not very valuable, however......[Read More]
  ISNB:0307977978  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Hazel would like me to give this book a higher rating based on the bird feathers she likes to rip out in handfuls, but I just can't get over the darkness of the concept of a bunny visiting other animals at the zoo. Sara likes to point out the risk of salmonella whenever ......[Read More]
  ISNB:0764165313  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Such a cute board book. Took my nephew to his first circus and thought we would share a couple of books about where we were going. So glad that I found this one. [Read More]

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