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UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-23
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Book Introduction:Great book for Kindle Unlimited Prime Members Can Download this Book for FREE 07.20 Mayyaada Siddique Wrote :"Basic Information about the moon"07.18 Sarah E. Copple Wrote :"Good For Starters"07.17 GWENETTE MOORE Wrote : "Good read!!!"In this Amazing Facts book, we wil......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:(Thanks to the valuable customer feedback, this book has been improved, so it now has no grammatical error.) Chanukah lights everywhere are celebrating Chanukah! As joyous as this book, “Chanukah Coloring Book for Children +Fun Facts about the Holiday & Its Celebration: Happy Hanukkah Activit......[Read More]
  ISNB:B00E8HDJL8  Language:English
Latest Reviews:my 4th grader needed to to a research paper - we purchased the Kindle edition and he could not put my kindle down![Read More]
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Book Introduction:Children's author Jacob Smith presents: "Gold Rush California - Learn Fun Facts About The History of The 1849 Gold Rush". This informative kids book includes well chosen words & great pictures to help children learn more about one of United States most well known Gold Rushes.[Read More]
  ISNB:B00J27FZPM  Language:English
Book Introduction:Children's author Jacob Smith presents: "Thomas Edison For Kids: Fun Facts About The Inventions, Achievements Of Thomas Edison". This informative kids book includes well chosen words & great pictures to help children learn more about one of America's most beloved and iconic inventors, Thom......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:My grandchildren loved this book and the pictures. I thought the pictures were good and just right for the children. We talked about the animals and what sound they would make. We also had the chance to talk about where they would live.I did receive this at a reduced price.[Read More]
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Book Introduction:The Lincoln Memorial is one of the most recognized buildings in Washington D.C. It honors a president who is loved by many for trying to bring the North and South back together after the Civil War. As it says above Lincoln’s statue: “In this temple, as in the hearts of the people, for ......[Read More]
  ISNB:B006XNEEE6  Language:English
Book Introduction:The Washington Monument is one of the most recognizable monuments in Washington D.C.. It took over 50 years to build, and it has stood for over 100 years. How much do you know about this magnificent monument.How thick are the walls at the base of the monument?Why is the Washington Monument made up o......[Read More]
  ISNB:B0083DPBNW  Language:English
Book Introduction:It towers over the Paris skyline and is one of the most recognized monuments in the world. The Eiffel Tower has a storied past and has served its city well as a worldwide ambassador. How much do you know about this monument? Do you know the answers to these questions?What is the Eiffel Tower’......[Read More]
  ISNB:1533668507  Language:English
Book Introduction:Kid’s U Presents…Rabbits- Amazing Pictures and Facts about the Rabbits. Where does a rabbit live? What kinds of food does a rabbit eat? Do rabbits have a family? In this book you will explore the wonderful world of rabbits, finding the answers to these questions and so many more. C......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Im super tired and lazy right now but I really want to review this book.Nive book love it!Hopefully thats 20 words but just in case this sentance right now proboraly made it over 20 words.---Dante[Read More]
  ISNB:B00I07AJH4  Language:English
Book Introduction:Children's author Jacob Smith presents: "Walt Disney Biography for Kids - Learn Fun Facts for Kids About The History & Early Life Story of Walt Disney ". This informative kids book includes well chosen words & great pictures to help children learn more about one of america's most beloved p......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Short, fun quirky facts about animals that may surprise people of all ages. Kids could be interested in learning more about an animal after learning some of these facts.[Read More]
  ISNB:0064462285  Language:English
Latest Reviews:This book could relate to several social studies themes such as, Native Americans, Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, and colonization. This book had important dates, vocabulary, and people. It answered commonly asked questions so students could use it as a research resource. It had small but relevant pictures......[Read More]
  ISNB:B010EQ8WPO  Language:English
Latest Reviews:Facts were repeated in the book. Ok read but not well written and jumps around with facts being repeated.[Read More]
  ISNB:B01576X21K  Language:English
Book Introduction:Kids love Picture Books. Kids also love baby animals. This book combines the two, with pictures of baby animals. Your child will enjoy looking through the pictures of these animal babies, and you can spend time with them while reading them the fun facts about the animals they are looking at.[Read More]
  ISNB:1578190991  Language:English
Book Introduction:Natural history from a Torah point of view! Children will love this book about three of the most amazing animals in Creation! Lavishly illustrated with magnificent color photos on large 9x12 pages, Take Me to the Zoo tells all about lions, snakes and elephants - creatures that are a source of fascin......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:This covers all of the basics for each state. Great resource for studying the United States![Read More]
  ISNB:1426322976  Language:English
Latest Reviews:A road trip to a National Park can be lots of fun, even for your youngest readers. Elena and Christopher are visiting their Aunt Rosa, a ranger at Yellowstone National Park. No sooner do they arrived, but they hear that some that there are some injured baby birds somewhere in the park. While Aunt Ro......[Read More]

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