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UPDATE TIME: 2020-01-29
  ISNB:1502552337  Language:English
Book Introduction:3 books in 1, suitable for ages 3-9 years, includes a colourful, illustrated story about an orphaned baby rhino that is rescued during the filling of Kariba Dam in Zimbabwe. The little rhino is taken home by the Vet, who was part of Operation Noah and raised by his wife. He loves to play with the ......[Read More]
  ISNB:0692444114  Language:English
Book Introduction:Teach your children about the wild without putting them in danger. If your child loves lions, elephants, rhinos, bears, pandas, Giraffes, lizards, snakes and more then this is the perfect coloring book for them. You'll know you chose the right coloring book when they're smiling up at you as they fi......[Read More]
  ISNB:1537493841  Language:English
Book Introduction:Tigers: Amazing Facts & Pictures is the perfect animal picture book for children wanting to learn more about the lifestyle and habits of the amazing and powerful tiger. This book is filled with tiger facts, interesting comparisons between tigers and other animals, and even people. For example…......[Read More]
  ISNB:1909263966  Language:English
Latest Reviews: In all honesty, this was not a complete read- it was a skim; but the illustrations are just so lovely I had to jot it down here so I could remember it. The style reminded me a bit of Charley Harper- and about animals, so I imagine it would be wonderful for a young person......[Read More]
  ISNB:1481451510  Language:English
Latest Reviews: This book is very interesting.You will find so much joy reading this.Gary Paulsen talks about his experiences with animals that have made an impact on his life. Many of the animals he talks about in this book are dogs. [Read More]
  ISNB:0756698030  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Love all the books by this author! My 17month old Loves this!!!' [Read More]
  ISNB:1624142818  Language:English
Latest Reviews:I have always liked Sarah Dee's website Frugal boys . I have derived inspiration for so many stem activities from her blog . This first book on Lego creations doesn't disappoint . The book has tons of ideas divided equally as step by step instructions and creative challenge ( with just pictures for ......[Read More]
  ISNB:039916104X  Language:English
Latest Reviews: Cute story the kids liked. Brett's illustrations are always the best part. They liked to find the hidden animals in the border drawings. [Read More]
  ISNB:1481451502  Language:English
Latest Reviews:The book I chose is This Side Of Wild by Gary Paulsen. It is about Gary Paulsen's life and it is pretty amazing what he has done. He has competed in two Iditarod's, survived the Minnesota wilderness, and climbed the Bighorn Mountains. Animals were a very big part in this book to name a few the sled ......[Read More]
  ISNB:B00AKK18II  Language:English
Book Introduction:Animals Tame and WildBy S. W. Partridge and Co.The 1875 classic picture book for children with story of wild animals. This eBook has the colorful illustratons of dogs, tigers, lions, bears, monkeys, &etc.**This eBook is re-scanned from the original hardcover book.[Read More]
  ISNB:1600584829  Language:English
Book Introduction:Perfect for young artists-in-training, Learn to Draw Forest Animals offers a comprehensive drawing experience than includes step-by-step lessons, as well as full-color photographs, fun facts, trivia, quizzes and much more. Children will enjoy the 64 pages of drawing instruction for a variety of wild......[Read More]
  ISNB:193324125X  Language:English
Book Introduction:My Book of Mazes: Animals is in the 'Basic Skills Workbooks for Pre-K' series designed for ages 4-6. Perfect for children who are starting to play with pencils and crayons, use this workbook to help children gain firm pencil skills and spatial reasoning ability while having fun with unique animal ma......[Read More]
  ISNB:1908714301  Language:English
Latest Reviews: An incredibly important and detailed account of various endangered animals in their native habitat with fantastically colored illustrations and few words. [Read More]
  ISNB:0761301127  Language:English
Latest Reviews: I love traditional Native American stories, like this one about how coyote tricks the other animals and devises the new lord of the animals. And the illustrations are excellent. [Read More]
  ISNB:0486260526  Language:English
Book Introduction:Introduce little hands and lively young minds to a splendid assortment of wild animals in this ready-to-be-colored collection of animal illustrations. Boldly outlined drawings printed on translucent paper depict a polar bear, rhinoceros, kangaroo, lion, camel, giraffe, elephant, and gorilla. Use cra......[Read More]
  ISNB:B00AMRA0L0  Language:English
Book Introduction:*** Designed for Kindle and Kindle Fire!Your little one will soon learn all about wild animals. On the full-screen pages, your child will discover bright, colorful photographs of all different kinds of wild animals. Each animal has its name written so that children can learn what the animal is calle......[Read More]
  ISNB:B00HFAY9LY  Language:English
Book Introduction:Young adventurer Beck Granger is invited to South Africa by an old friend of his parents' to help out on a project to prevent rhino poaching. But when he arrives all is not as it seems, and Beck is caught up in something more dangerous than anything he's ever survived before . . .Not only are there ......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Recommended in this article. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews:This book is a collection of short stories. Each story is narrated by a young Latina and offers a snapshot into their life. Some of the stories tell of a major life event (finding out they were born illegally) while others deal with daily adolescent traumas (feeling as if you don't fit into your fam......[Read More]
  ISNB:1495361748  Language:English
Latest Reviews: I bought this book for my daughter and she thoroughly enjoyed it. The fantasy world that the author has created appealed to my daughter. All the characters were so beautiful. Specifically there are messages on ethics and morals in the book that work very well for childre......[Read More]

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