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UPDATE TIME: 2020-02-26
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Book Introduction:For the girl who loves all things horses: This gift-able boxed set includes paperback editions of the first two books in the Canterwood Crest series and the first two books in Marguerite Henry’s Ponies of Chincoteague series. A perfect, must-have gift for birthdays, holidays, or graduation for......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Read this out loud to my five year old before bedtime. She loved it! Fun little read. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Paper Crafts for Chinese New Year is a book full of crafts to create for Chinese New Year. There is also a short, introductory description of the festival of the Chinese New Year. It describes the activities for each day of the celebration, for example the 15th day is the Lantern Festival when child......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Simplistic. Good for a beginner. [Read More]
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Book Introduction:Maximillian McFunny wins the gold medal with Summer Olympics jokes, riddles, puns and limericks in this funny book for young athletes and comedians.[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: This book provides a kid-friendly explication of the summer solstice from diverse world traditions and the scientific perspective as well. Includes a story from Hawaii and hands-on activities. (This is one in a series of four books by Ellen Jackson on the solstices and e......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Really sweet songs, poems, and stories for summertime. [Read More]
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Book Introduction:The sequel to Summer Unplugged. This is a novella at approx 17,000 words.After a summer grounded from technology, Bayleigh is back home and rebuilding her relationship with her mother. Her boyfriend Jace keeps his promise and stays in Texas, where he works at a local motocross track.Knowing her rela......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:In this Newbery Honor novel, New York Times bestselling author Rita Williams-Garcia tells the story of three sisters who travel to Oakland, California, in 1968 to meet the mother who abandoned them.Eleven-year-old Delphine is like a mother to her two younger sisters, Vonetta and Fern. She's had to b......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Once every four years, the best athletes gather at the Summer Olympic Games in tests of speed, strength, and teamwork. Learn about the most popular events and how they captivate audiences around the world. High-imapct photography will engage readers, while the carefully leveled text will help strugg......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Make your own dancing dragon puppet! Dragons, lions, and lanterns are important symbols of Chinese New Year. Follow storyteller Randel McGee as he explores Chinese New Year in CELEBRATE CHINESE NEW YEAR WITH PAPER CRAFTS. Learn to make a tangram game, LAI SEE envelopes, shadow puppets, and more![Read More]
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Latest Reviews: I read this book a few years ago and loved it! As a gymnast, I was able to relate to many situations that the main character, Joey, went through, but not all of them. I enjoyed this book mainly because it was very unpredictable and that's what made me not want to put it ......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Behind every Summer Olympic scoring soccer kick, tennis-ball bounce, and hard-hitting volleyball serve, science is at work. The type of kick used on a soccer ball affects its path. An equestrian leans forward during a jump to help the horse balance. Cyclists wear tight clothing to reduce drag. Find ......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: I was supposed to receive a copy of this book for review after winning a giveaway. Unfortunately, it was lost somewhere on its way to me - I just looked through my giveaway records and it's been 3 years, so it's safe to assume it'll never arrive. Which is a pity, because......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: This really is basically three books in one. Clues don't overlap and each mystery is commenced and concluded independently. Takes place in a coed camp. It's a fun book for Cam Jansen lovers. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: The illustrations are colorful and detailed. Good word choice. Figurative language. I enjoyed learning about the ancient beliefs of the sun's existence and the current celebrations. Lots of interesting facts. Great addition to the classroom library. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Okay for fans of the series, but there wasn't that much newly described. The quilt blocks and air-castle are the only things I can think of that weren't spelled out in the books, themselves (or simple enough that you could figure it out - button string).If you're looking......[Read More]
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Book Introduction:Can you imagine yourself as the future president of the United States? Create your own presidential portrait and presidential seal! Build a log cabin coin bank and make presidents’ busts using eggshells and paper! Follow storyteller Randel McGee as he explores Presidents’ Day in PAPER ......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:I spent my childhood reading these books. My daughter found this in a pile at a used book sale and liked the cover. I was excited to see a new BSC book had come out in 2010 and decided to read it. This was a nice nostalgic trip back to Stoneybrooke but in the end contained no new information. A lot ......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: I just want to curl up in a ball now. What a beautiful story about family, love and loss. [Read More]

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