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UPDATE TIME: 2017-12-12
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Book Introduction:Sparky the Adventurous Puppy is a part of an ongoing series called Sparky the Puppy. These series all have underlying messages such as Forgiveness, Obedience, and many more to come. As you read through the story with your child make sure to point out these principals. The marketplace is full of con......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: Odd collection of activities and such for girls, perhaps it simply reflects the authors' interests. [Read More]
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Latest Reviews:3 1/2 stars. I completely get why many HP fans will be disappointed with this, but I have to admit: I really enjoyed it. I'd love to see this story play out on stage.So yeah, I understand the sad feelings. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has a completely different vibe. Aside from being a play, it......[Read More]
  ISNB:B00VFJVP68  Language:English
Latest Reviews:Great way to get kids to love history. My 11-year old who only reads graphic novels can't put it down. We have all 4 and they are all very well written. I love that it doesn't just cover western civilization but also all the major ones around the world and tells the story in roughly chronological......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews: This is the perfect book to read to your child when they are going through one of their whiney "It's not faaaaaaaaair" phases. Really? You want to see unfair? Here, let me tell you a little story about poor Charlotte Sophia. If that doesn't shut them up... ......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:The Snow Child by Harriet Ziefert was about and older couple who could not have a child. This made them very sad, though they still loved each other. One day, they noticed all of the little kids playing out in the snow and decided to join them. Instead of making a snow man, they decided to make a sn......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:We have really enjoyed this audio series! It coincides nicely with our homeschool curriculum (Classical Conversations) and is fantastic for our times in the car.[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Never disappointed with Bauer wonderfully written. I wish we started the new school year tomorrow. Great condition clean, well packaged and on time.[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:I found this book to be captivating and challenging for young children. A pleasure to read.[Read More]
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Book Introduction:The Adventurous NoLa Kids have found their first adventure! Join Jacob, Theresa, and Noah as their curiosity leads them to a ruined mansion in New Orleans. Years ago the mansion was one of the citys most enjoyable places, until the parties suddenly stopped. The mansion is now barely standing and the......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:This is an amazing book for everyone, especially for boys in middle school. I usually can never get my kid to read, but this book kept him reading for hours. The first day he got, he stayed up until around 11 PM reading this book. I would not recommend this for kids under middle school. If your chil......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:This was a nice children's book about about a rooster named hipster. He gets in some trouble and learns his lesson. Very nice story.[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:This was a Christmas gift for my adventurous, fearless, redheaded granddaughter. She loves it![Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Picked this up because I loved her illustrations for the Alice Waters children's book. What a wonderful story! I couldn't believe how much I learned and how pleasant it was to look at. I loved every page. I think it would make a great gift for cooking-interested adults and older children, maybe age ......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Es hat viel beschriftetAlso es war gut.Es hat auch vieles wahres gesagt und es war auch ganz witzig sachen gesagt:-)[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Very boring, don't read before bedtime if you want to retain anything. We are a homeschooling family and my kids despised it. I couldn't get into it either. I'm sure there are better resources out there, just take the time and look around.[Read More]
  ISNB:140221443X  Language:English
Latest Reviews:This is going to be one of those books that gets ruined because it is left out in the rain! My boys want to try ALL the games at once. Many of the games are old stand-bys that we had forgotten...but they are almost all new to the boys. The games are rated according to activity level and time, so ......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:if ya got one... u need to read this!!![Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Very nice and useful book.[Read More]
  ISNB:0967050758  Language:English
Latest Reviews:Intuitive and sensible, but something I needed to hear again. Nit-picking the positive rather than the negative; Noticing the good; energizing the desired behavior: whatever you call it, the idea is to shape behavior in a positive and supportive way rather than a domineering and punitive way. Two we......[Read More]

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