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UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-30
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Latest Reviews:Good book![Read More]
  ISNB:159668349X  Language:English
Book Introduction:Construct charming and fashionable children's clothes with the classic designs of Fiona Bell, the founder of Their Nibs, the popular U.K.-based children's clothing shop and label. An eclectic and unique collection of patterns and designs, Sewn with Love showcases Fiona's well-known work with retro s......[Read More]
  ISNB:0375800387  Language:English
Latest Reviews:I love this book it's the best book I've ever read in my life I had so much fun reading this book. THANKS![Read More]
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Latest Reviews:gift recipient loved it[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Utterly appalled by the quality of this version of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales.- Zero Illustrations- Very flimsy binding which arrived with a damaged binding and clear indentations of someone having written on paper using the cover as a base- Incredibly small font which young children woul......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Well crafted book. A nicely bound and illustrated book of Anderson's tales. My 8yo son enjoyed reading them all in their original firm.[Read More]
  ISNB:1927815215  Language:English
Latest Reviews:Kika the Upside-Down Girl is a fun, and really cool book that highlights the joy that children feel with the freedom that comes with propelling one's body upside down with flips, handstands and just plain tumbling. My son who loves to do just that--using my mattress as a trampoline--loved this book.......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Perfect gift for Hannukah![Read More]
  ISNB:1618210270  Language:English
Book Introduction:Finding your unique voice in a noisy world can be hard--very hard. But not if you have a great guide! The Girl Guide: Finding Your Place in a Mixed-Up World is a must-read for girls in grades 6-8 as they enter the tumultuous world of adolescence. Packed with fun worksheets and quizzes, as well as st......[Read More]
  ISNB:1584110902  Language:English
Latest Reviews:I am not sure how OTHER mothers and fathers feel about bringing up their children in today's society, but I am rather FRIGHTENED to know what the influences are. Our daughters see girls in the lime-light. Girls that get all the media attention; Movie stars, music "idols". (Used to be STAR SE......[Read More]
  ISNB:0440417058  Language:English
Latest Reviews:i had read this book when i was still in middle school. this book is what started my passion for reading. it's about a girl who just wants to be with her father so she sets out to find him.its set back in the odd west and women could not travil alone so she comes up with a plan to become a boy.its a......[Read More]
  ISNB:1502404664  Language:English
Latest Reviews:This book is phenomenal. The story will hit home with anyone who has ever felt different or excluded. The illustrations are colorful and beautiful. My kids and I loved it.[Read More]
  ISNB:0804843279  Language:English
Book Introduction:Sew cute and original clothes for your little girl with this stylish sewing book.Popular Japanese author and designer Yoshiko Tsukiori brings unique new designs and style to the do-it-yourself sewist that make it easy to create the kind of clothes little girls adore. Japanese Sewing book Girls Style......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:Exactly what I was looking for to give my daughter to read following our first puberty talk. I read it first, and it gave me some good ideas on how to handle the talk. She is 9 and just ready for this. While some of the lingo is too modern for my taste (I asked her to talk with me first before addin......[Read More]
  ISNB:0803738935  Language:English
Latest Reviews:Awesome book! I did not know about this series but will be buying more of them. I also have the lady bug girl and her mama, which is great for my daughter and I:) She loves them!![Read More]
  ISNB:1612121241  Language: English
Latest Reviews: I really like this book and will be buying it as soon as possible. There are so many projects and ideas in this book that even though I dislike a lot of them, there are so many more to choose from. I love a lot of the items such as a busy book/toddler activity book (for tactile play), photo blocks,......[Read More]
  ISNB:0881035416  Language:English
Latest Reviews:My intention of writing a review for this book is to tell all the negative reviewers to SHUT UP! I am all for everyone's right to express their opinion but I read a few of the '1 star' reviews and I was shocked to read what a few people had to say about this book. Before making an opinion I suggest ......[Read More]
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Latest Reviews:"I never understood because what's wrong with lemons to begin with? It's like saying "if life gives you people, grind up their organs for a beverage."."Received at BEA Chicago 2016When I grow up I want to be a combination of Squirrel Girl and Nimona. Two of the baddest bitches on this planet. If onl......[Read More]
  ISNB:1584302437  Language:English
Latest Reviews: A story about a young girl back in the girls-can't-play-sports old days who loved baseball. Great story yes, but god let's keep beating the poor dead horse, shall we? I wouldn't mind telling you this is a great book and that you should read it if it were sitting right in......[Read More]

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