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Book Introduction: This book contains 200 FANTASTIC bedtime stories Your child will fall in love with this children's story collection. This book is for:Sharpen your kid's brain Enhance creativity and stimulate imaginationEmotional developmentThis book includes:A clickable Table of Contents for easy navigationHundreds of illustrations200 fantastic stories for kidsBenefits of Bedtime Stories: Telling bedtime stories is beneficial. Your child will find sleep coming in a peaceful way with a great story in their ears. It engages their imagination while giving them good dream material, and has been shown to calm down a busy child. Children do tend to be worked up at times, especially at night, and a nice story will put their fears to rest and allow them much-needed relaxation. You can make a story that shows them that the monster under their bed is not so bad, or that the shadows on their wall are their friends. The possibilities are endless with creative solutions to any nighttime issue.Here are the stories included in this book:Tom Tit Tot -The Cat and the Mouse - The Three Sillies - The Rose Tree - The Old Woman and her Pig - How Jack went to Seek his Fortune - Mr. Vinegar - Nix Nought Nothing - Jack Hannaford - Binnorie - Mouse and Mouser - Cap o' Rushes - Teeny-Tiny - Jack and the Beanstalk - The Master and his Pupil -Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse - Jack and his Golden Snuff-Box - The Story of the Three Bears - Jack the Giant-Killer - Henny-Penny - Childe Rowland - Molly Whuppie - The Red Ettin - The Golden Arm - The History of Tom Thumb - Mr. Fox - Lazy Jack- Johnny-Cake - Earl Mar's Daughter - Mr. Miacca - Whittington and his Cat - The Strange Visitor - The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh - The Fish and the Ring - The Magpie's Nest - Kate Crackernuts - The Cauld Lad of Hilton - The Ass, the Table, and the Stick - Fairy Ointment - The Well of the World's End - Master of all Masters - The Three Heads of the Well - The Pied Piper - Hereafterthis - The Golden Ball - My Own Self - Black Bull of Norroway - Yallery Brown - Three Feathers - Sir Gammer Vans - Tom Hickathrift - The Hedley Kow - Gobborn Seer - Lawkamercyme – Tattercoats - The Wee Bannock - Johnny Gloke - Coat o' Clay - The Three Cows - The Blinded Giant – Scrapefoot - The Pedlar of Swaffham - The Old Witch - The Three Wishes - The Buried Moon - The Children in the Wood - The Hobyahs - A Pottle o' Brains - The King of England and his Three Sons - King John and the Abbot of Canterbury - Rushen Coatie - The King o' the Cats – Tamlane- The Stars in the Sky - News! - Puddock, Mousie, and Ratton - The Little Bull-Calf - The Wee, Wee Mannie - Habetrot and Scantlie Mab - Old Mother Wiggle-Waggle – Catskin - Stupid's Cries - The Lambton Worm - The Wise Men of Gotham - Princess of Canterbury - Connla and the Fairy Maiden - Guleesh - The Field of Boliauns - The Horned Women - Conall Yellowclaw - Hudden and Dudden and Donald O'Neary - The Shepherd of Myddvai - The Sprightly Tailor - The Story of Deirdre - Munachar and Manachar - Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree - King O'Toole and His Goose - The Wooing of Olwen - Jack and His Comrades - The Shee an Gannon and the Gruagach Gaire - The Story-Teller at Fault - The Sea-Maiden - A Legend of Knockmany - Fair, Brown, and Trembling - Jack and His Master- Beth Gellert - The Tale of Ivan - Andrew Coffey - The Battle of the Birds - Brewery of Eggshells - The Lad with the Goat-skin - THE CINDER-MAID - ALL CHANGE - THE KING OF THE FISHES – SCISSORS - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - REYNARD AND BRUIN - THE DANCING WATER, THE SINGING APPLE, AND THE SPEAKING BIRD++ 83 More Stories !>>Grab Your Copy Now! <<Tags: Bedtime stories for kids, books for kids, Children books, Children picture books, Fun stories, Fun stories for kids, Kids, Kid’s books, Kids stories, Kids story, Kids, Scary stories for kids, Short stories for kids, Stories for kids, the kid, fairy tales stories, fairytale stories list

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