The Six Wives of Henry VIII - For Kids! Reviews

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Book Introduction: Why did Henry VIII have so many wives? This great book helps answer that question and tells the reader all about each of the infamous king’s wives. The book is written for children aged between 7 and 11 and as well as being educational, it is a lot of fun as well. Carol Derbyshire is the author of the best selling children’s history books The Tudors for kids and Elizabeth 1 for kids. This book is sure to become another Amazon bestseller. Each of the wives of Henry VIII tell their own story in their own words. Catherine of Aragon tells how she was discarded by the king after twenty years of marriage and how she knew that new lady in waiting was trouble when she first arrived. Anne Boleyn tells how the people of England always hated her and made up lies about the number of fingers on her hand. She tells how Henry didn’t like her bossy ways and was upset that she failed to provide a son like she promised. Jane Seymour writes after giving birth to Prince Edward, but she is weak after developing a fever. She fears for her life and that she will die and leave her son without a mother. Anne of Cleves tells how the king thought she looked like a horse and how this upset her very much. But she also describes how she accepted Henry’s wish for a divorce and managed to get palaces and castles as part of the deal. Silly Katherine Howard writes her story the night before her execution. She tells of her love for pretty gifts and how she tried to be a good wife, even though her husband was fat, old and smelly. Finally Katherine Parr tells how she survived marriage to Henry VIII and then managed to finally wed the man she had always been in love with.

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