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5 friendship books for kids 2020
I especially love to find books that not only captivate my children visually but teach us something about emotion,growing,custom and our history. Now, I’ve put together a good list of more than 5 books about friendship for kids.Hope you will like these books.
A great sequel to the World According to Humphrey. This one had really important lessons about friendship, forgiveness, understanding, jealousy, and looking beyond the surface of external behavior. Also there's a side plot of going after your goals, trying something new, even if it's difficult. I'm ......[Read More]
Me and my best friend were fighting when I got this book. And I think that because of this book, Samantha* and I are the best of friends. We are better than we were before.*Samantha is my very, very, very, best friend.So is Spencer but She wasn't the one i was fighting w......[Read More]
Porque a Alma PrecisaEstes nossos fiéis amiguinhos de quatro patas são, invariavelmente, musas inspiradoras das mais belas e doces histórias!Esta é mais uma!!Leiam!...Leiam, que a alma agradece :) [Read More]
An inspirational story for all ages. Jessica lost a leg as a result of the Boston Marathon vombing and Tehen has to have her other leg amputated. Rescue is her therapy dog. The relationship between them is described with great affection and children will be inspired abou......[Read More]
The new kid is a famous online video gamer with thousands of fans. But why doesn't he have anyone to invite to his birthday party?In Book 2 of the Fitting Out series, Max's first day of school gets complicated when he is assigned to show the new kid around school. He knows that making new friends ca......[Read More]
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