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7 funny pictures books for kids 2020
I especially love to find books that not only captivate my children visually but teach us something about emotion,growing,custom and our history. Now, I’ve put together a good list of more than 7 books about funny pictures for kids.Hope you will like these books.
One of my kids' favorites - we just happen to pick it up at the library one day and have gotten it several times since. A bit like "the gingerbread man" where several other foods chase the pickle who is avoiding being eaten. Great, funny pictures and some repitition. Is ......[Read More]
Very, very good. My son wouldn’t let me leave Pre school today without reading this to him. I got a weird look from a parent - it's sad that some don't understand the absolute importance of reading to their children! Impressed with the teacher for having it displayed wit......[Read More]
This review was a partial family affair.My 7-year-old: "Scary."My 9-year-old: "Weird."Me: "The Caldecott??" [Read More]
I am going to take this to read to my Middle Schoolers. My favorite part, hands down, is when the polar bear says he can't see him because they live at opposite poles so he can't really be there. It is the funniest book. I love the silliness of it all. ......[Read More]
I just love this book! It explains a collection of idioms in a concise and easy way. It worked for me! I never knew why "crocodile tears" meant fake crying. There were a bunch I hadn't really thought about before, and I was not really equipped to answer questions before ......[Read More]
Loved this book! A bad seed decides to change after he comes to the realization that all the other seeds are convinced he is the worst of the worst. Important lessons for small children and fantastic art. [Read More]
A consistently comical play on words, kids can't help but laugh out loud at the endeavors of a loving group of animals who try very hard to help their hippopotamus friend who has the hiccups. [Read More]
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