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7 ghost stories books for kids 2020
I especially love to find books that not only captivate my children visually but teach us something about emotion,growing,custom and our history. Now, I’ve put together a good list of more than 7 books about ghost stories for kids.Hope you will like these books.
This is a great stoy about friendship, imagination, honesty, and acceptance. Although there is a ghost it is not scary at all, unless you have already made your tiny tot terrified of the mere word, in which case you are shit parent.The illustrations are not in a style th......[Read More]
Of course, Edgar Allen Poe's "Tell-Tale Heart" was the best one. [Read More]
Sigh...the good ghost stories that somehow passed me by as a kid...well, better late than never! This is a bone-chilling goodie, too. Everything I love in a ghost story: creepy little girls, hidden graves, faces in windows, crumbling ruins in the woods, even a dark and m......[Read More]
I was seriously impressed by this collection of ghost stories. I would estimate that 10 out of 14 were genuinely frightening and it took me a while to focus on the present day after being taken into the past. Also the calibre of these stories was exceptional (as Dahl states in his introduction) 'The......[Read More]
I got an eARC from Edelweiss. This was my first Mary Downing Hahn book, and I can say with certainty that it won't be my last. It is utterly, deliciously creepy, fast-paced, and very readable. There are sufficient moments of horror for older middle graders, but nothing t......[Read More]
I had all three of Schwartz's Scary Stories books as a child, and remember reading them over and over. The tales are mostly re-tellings of classic urban legends. The stories are creepy, but what really made this book great were the disturbing images by Stephen Gammell. I remember staying up late rea......[Read More]
I've read a great deal of Mary Downing Hahn's books and there hasn't been one that I haven't liked. And I enjoyed this book as well, just probably not as much as some of her other work. It has everything I have come to expect from her ghost stories however this one has a bit of a sci-fi twist. The p......[Read More]
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