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7 silly joke books for kids 2020
I especially love to find books that not only captivate my children visually but teach us something about emotion,growing,custom and our history. Now, I’ve put together a good list of more than 7 books about silly joke for kids.Hope you will like these books.
This is a great book if you have kids or if you watch them. I became "the funniest person they knew!" [Read More]
Q: What do planets use to download music? A: Neptunes. Q: What goes zzub zzub? A: A bee flying backwards. Q: Why did the baby cookie cry? A: Because it was a wafer so long.   Packed with the silly jokes that kids love, including knock-knocks, tongue twisters, riddles, traditional question and a......[Read More]
My daughter absolutely loves this book! She takes it everywhere she goes! I bought her this book because, to be quite frank, her jokes were horrible and made no sense! And I couldn't teach her how to tell a joke. Seriously, it was a disaster! So I got this book out of desperation! I hated hurting he......[Read More]
some gems and some groaners. On balance not too bad. [Read More]
This wonderful book was especially created for very young children ages 3-5. Joke telling is a very affective and fun way of building a child’s confidence. The font on this book is very large and the cartoons are simple and funny. The more you laugh when your child reads you a joke the more confiden......[Read More]
I’ve been reading this on FaceTime with my grandson who lives in another state, then my granddaughter started listening in, also. Even if the jokes weren’t so cute, it has been well worth the time spent laughing with my grandkids. Very nice little book; we’ve all been enjoying it.[Read More]
Kid jokes about animals, 101 are included, to be exact! This book is fully of funny animal jokes for kids. This makes the perfect early reader book to help motivate your kids to start reading! Get your kids to read you these kid jokes about animals, or to call Grandma and read to her!. Use this chil......[Read More]
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